Zum Haus der gerechten Hoffnung

Zum Haus der gerechten Hoffnung.

Zum Haus der gerechen Hoffnun

Zum Haus der gerechen Hoffnun

Dienstag, 15. September 2009

She said that prunes are awful and never right. And she asked whether Prunelovers really exist? I replied "Yes, they are real, even if prunes never seem sweet an juicy for you." How come? "Because you can love everything emotionless. You mention now, how for heavens sake, one can love without emotion. I respond, just contemplate everything the same way. Don t let you stirring up by things and forms. Watch and don t get touched. See all the things tgrough the same motionless. stern eye. Your the calm observer of every LIVING (moving) prune.
For the basis of all forms are just waves called energy, you must agree that tastes, semlls, odours, sounds and colours are just illusions. That means theres neither sour nor sweet, just a prune. A prune must not be judged just realized.
Whether prunes, your dog or body, its all made out of the same matter. Just bunches of energy.

All your sensations are brainmade, not form in

Imagine one strange dream, it goes like this. You bite in a prune which was in your mind up to this very moment programmed always as disgustingly sour prune, but you awacke suddenly and from this very moment you realize that this sour fruit you called alway prune just tastes like a sweet, very sweet, delicious cherry. Wooow, prunes can turn to cherrys. What if I say that that can happen not only in dreams. What if a so called enemy becomes suddenly your best friend?

If you don t hate nature, everything turns to something good. Even the most sour prune becomes sweet. Dream on, don t let freezen you by "obvious, unchangeable" reality.

Change your mind and the universe is following you even the soure prunes...

enjoy it and swallow from now on mashed prunes with full eager.

In love


Falls jemand besser Englisch kann, korrigiert mich auf Teufel komm raus. Merci

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