Zum Haus der gerechten Hoffnung

Zum Haus der gerechten Hoffnung.

Zum Haus der gerechen Hoffnun

Zum Haus der gerechen Hoffnun

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Lets kick Ermotti, Blocher and Brady out of Switzerland.

Hy Odin

Even if UK-US Mafia is organizing the toughest Race we will winn it. Then the real tough guys in our country are we. We dont let make a mess out of our nice peaceloving country.

We do know that Sergio Ermotti belongs to the italian Mafia (Bank of Amercia) and Brady Dougan to the kosher nostra bank (JP-Morgan).

Its up to us to wipe out the international Mafiaswamp in Switzerland. Good bless the brave, bold and stout. Wie wont never roule Switzerland by international criminals.

Clear your mind, open your eyes and rice your hand. We love Freedom and peace we accept everybody in our country, but not false kings. We are democratic- and freedomadmiring people, we dont accept Capo Sergio Ermotti, Mobster Brady Dougan and Führer Christoph Blocher.

It`s trembling in the basement of Switzerland, even without earthquake.

So lets rice our fist, all free swiss fists and hit an smash the criminal Bankleaders (Dougan/Ermotti) and Politicleader (Christophe Blocher).

Its our country, c est notre pays, es ist unser Land, e nostra paese. Together we are the strongest force in Switzerland. We dont let destrouy our reputation by criminal Mafiabosses.

God (the big spirit) bless us.

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